Request for Proposals – Mental Health Clinician Services

Request for Proposals – Mental Health Clinician Services

Submission Deadline: 5:00 pm Friday, May 22, 2020

1. Background/Introduction
Peguis Child and Family Services Inc. (“PCFS”) is a Child and Family Services Agency;
mandated by the Southern First Nations Network of Care to provide Child welfare
services pursuant to Manitoba’s Child and Family Services Act.
PCFS endeavours to ensure that children and families are in receipt of services that they
are entitled to as First Nation members of Peguis First Nation (“PFN”), and that these
services promote wellness, culturally supportive activities, and will support the wellbeing
of children and families.

PCFS adheres to a mental health policy which:
a. Promotes positive mental health;
b. provides access to clinical mental health services and training;
c. partners with like-minded organizations to optimize service provision; and
d. includes regular evaluative processes as a means to identify best practices.

PCFS invites applicants to be a sole provider of mental health clinician services for PFN
Children and Families.

2. Project Goals and Scope of Services
Peguis Child and Family Services ensures that Agency children and families are
connected with mental health services which best suit their individual and family’s needs.

These services include but are not limited to
a. Therapy;
b. parent child assessments;
c. parental capacity assessments.
PCFS is seeking a partnership with a mental health organization or individual which will
provide mental health services for status children in partnership with the Agency. In this
project, the mental health service provider(s) will provide mental health therapy for status
and non-status children. Reports, assessments, and services for Non-status children will
be paid in accordance with agreed upon rates within the proposal process.

3. Selection Process
Peguis Child and Family Services (PCFS) is committed to recruitment and selection
processes consistent with governing legislation and best practices in hiring candidates
that meet the job requirements.

PCFS is committed to employment equity practices, including an organizational goal of
establishing a workforce that is representative of the families and children that are served
by PCFS.

Whether or not an employment candidate is First Nations and is therefore a representative
of the families and children that are served by PCFS is a relevant factor that will be
considered in the hiring process.

4. Selection Schedule
Request for Proposal No.: 2020-RFP-0001
Date Issued: Friday, April 24, 2020
Submission Deadline: 5:00 pm Friday, May 22, 2020
Contact: Regan Clemons, Resource Coordinator
Phone No.: 204-632-5404
Fax No: 204-632-7226
Submission Location: Peguis Child & Family Services Inc.
Winnipeg Outreach Office
Unit 1-1349 Border Street
Winnipeg, MB R3H 0N1
Selection will occur on May 25, 2020 by committee
Notification: May 29, 2020

5. Time and Location of Submission of Proposals
To be considered, proposals must be emailed to with
2020-RFP-0001 in the subject line or delivered to Peguis Child & Family Services,

Attention: Regan Clemons by 5:00 p.m. local time, May 22, 2020. Peguis Child &
Family Service Inc., sub-office is located at Unit 1-1349 Border Street, Winnipeg,
Manitoba, R3H 0N1.

6. Required Services – Written Progress Reports
Mental Health Clinicians awarded therapy contracts from PCFS for children and families
will be required to provide updates in the form of written progress reports, and the cost of
this service.

Progress reports may include but are not limited to:
a. Attendance;
b. initial assessment;
c. key milestones;
d. diagnosis;
e. medications;
f. recommendations;
g. case specific modes of intervention.

7. Qualifications and Experience
It is a necessity of matching individuals with therapists who have expertise in particular
areas. individual therapist must declare their specialization, academic qualifications and
availability and a potential to meet requests for specialist services.

8. Timeline
Awarded contracts are renewable on a yearly basis.

9. Elements of Proposal
A proposal must include:
a. A cover letter;
b. a statement of qualifications and experience;
c. description of the firm that includes a general overview, names and credentials of
team, number of full-time employees as well as their qualifications;
d. a one-page narrative outlining the firm’s strengths and distinguishing skills or
capabilities as they might relate to service provision for First Nation children and
e. capacity to provide services to/for children and families. i.e., staff, therapeutic
space, hours of operation;
f. open to work in a collaborative and innovative manner with children and
families; and
g. fees for services: written progress reports, hourly rates, and baseline costs for
assessments such as parent child assessments.

10. Evaluation Criteria
The successful respondent will:
a. Have extensive experience working collaboratively with First Nation children and
b. knowledge of historical and social realities of First Nation people;
c. skill and expertise in the mental health clinicians;
d. a recognized service provider for NIHB;
e. be able to provide services such as assessments/reports for children and families
in a timely manner with regular updates on progress of therapy;
f. be ready and able to provide feedback and or information for evaluation purposes;
g. capacity to provide services in a timely and efficient manner.
11. Billing Potentials

The Non-Insured Health Benefits (NIHB) program provides eligible First Nations and
Inuit clients with coverage for a range of health benefits that are not covered through
other: social programs. private insurance plans. provincial or territorial health insurance.
Mental Service Health Providers wishing to deliver services reimbursed by NIHB and/or
IRS RHSP must be enrolled as a Mental Health Counselling Provider with Indigenous
Services Canada.

Mental Health Service Providers may be able to directly bill their fee for service of First
Nation Status children and families to Non-Insured Health Benefits (NIHB) program’s
mental health counselling benefit which is intended to provide coverage for mental health

12. Budget
Successful bidder will outline specific costs of written progress reports, assessments,
hourly billings, and all other associated costs.

13. Clarification
Written questions may be submitted to clarify any points in the RFP which may not have
been clearly understood. Written questions should be submitted via email to with 2020-RFP-0001 in the Subject Line to be received
no later than May 15, 2020 by 5:00 p.m. local time.


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