Federal legislation (referred to as Bill C-92) came into force on January 1, 2020.

The key element of the Bill C-92 is the recognition of the right of First Nations, and other indigenous communities, to develop their own specific child and family services legislation.

Bill C-92 also recognizes First Nations inherent rights connected to their families, including the right to manage their own child and family services and programs.

Bill C-92 gives First Nations communities the ability to create their own Child and Family services legislation for their community, and the authority to implement that legislation.

Any First Nation child and family services legislation will be considered federal law and will replace the current CFS legislation in the province.

The new legislation gives Peguis CFS a chance to move the focus away from apprehension and put the focus on developing and providing prevention services – with the goal being to “bring them home and keep them home”.

The new Honouring our Children, Families and Nation Act will:

  • help to keep families together
  • confirm a broader definition of the term family
  • bring an importance to the community in raising the child.


And most importantly, it will enable us to live our value that “our Children and Families come first”.