This is an important development for Peguis First Nation, because the new legislation provides us with several unique opportunities:

  • By developing our own legislation, Peguis First Nation can ensure that Indigenous legal traditions and teachings will form the basis for the Child and Family Services law in our community.
  • Our new law can now focus on keeping families together, providing a broader definition of family and community, and establishing the importance of having the community raise the child.
  • Finally, our new legislation will reflect our values that are based on our way of life – “a community where each and every person is strong, healthy, empowered and enjoying an enhanced quality of life.”


“We understand that no government and no legislation will protect a child – that has to be done by the community”.


The new legislation, and the process that we are taking to engage the community in the development of the legislation, gives everyone the chance to have input into how the community will protect their children (focusing on the fact that it “takes a community to raise a child”)

The legislation puts the power and control of the process back in the hands of the community (and takes that control away from government agencies)

The new Peguis First Nation legislation (link) will ensure that our system will be controlled and monitored by a review of the legislation every five years that reports to the Chief and Council. This reporting system, the checks and balances, are all part of the community – which enables Peguis CFS to build a level of trust for the process not possible under the old Manitoba CFS Act.

This new legislation is truly part of the community – where the community is actively involved in decision-making and planning. YOU are no longer powerless – you are part of the solution!


Most importantly, the new legislation provides the community with a chance to be HEARD – to voice concerns and to know people are listening.