Act and Proposed Legislation

Bill C-92

Bill C-92 recognizes First Nations inherent rights connected to their families, including the right to manage their own child and family services/programs

The Peguis legislation will

  • help to keep families together
  • confirm a broader definition of the term family
  • bring an importance to the community in raising the child.

Meet on the statement that – Our Children and Families come first

To read the entire content of the draft of the new Peguis legislation, click here


The Peguis Legislation

In keeping with our rights to determine our own means of providing Child and Family services, Peguis CFS has started the process of developing draft legislation for review and input by community members.

The purpose of this process is to ensure that members feel they have had the opportunity to be heard, and to provide input on the future of our child and family services.

This community engagement process will take place online, through email and in virtual and in-person meetings that have been set-up to provide you with an opportunity to speak on the needs in our community.

To read the initial draft of the legislation, click here.